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SEO White Rock- Website Optimization

Why You Need A Professional SEO Consultant and SEO Company

Your SEO  Consultant or SEO Company takes your website to the search engines and gets Google, Yahoo and Bing to tell their search customer about you. SEO Small Business puts businesses in the GRVD on the Google Map.

Your website designer is trained to create powerful, sensitive, intriguing, assertive, relaxing or image friendly graphics to jazz up your site.  A website developer is trained to build websites, know HTML, CMS, PHP and scores of programming techniques. Each of them are trained to build expert websites.

A professional SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) is trained to optimize your chances for TRAFFIC to your website.  If you have a retail store on the White Rock Strip, and no one comes to visit, it doesn’t matter how unique your interior designer inspired the decor, or how well your construction company renovated the lease hold – you won’t have business.  Businesses on Johnston Rd and Five Corners in White Rock are not easy for tourists to find, unless you are optimized online.

Hiring a professional internet marketing strategist who knows how to optimize your site for traffic, is good business.

Find out how you SAVE MONEY on SEO  if your business is located in White Rock BC.


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"The phone that was rarely heard is driving me crazy now. Thanks SSB! Every week there are new requests for quotes and new business coming from the website. What a change! By Cheryl Marshall - Surrey BC"

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