Jose Uzcategui Reveals Yahoo Pipes as Secret Link Sauce

Jose Uzcategui Reveals Yahoo Pipes as Secret Link Sauce

June 15th, 2010 // 11:23 pm @ // 2 Comments

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Linking  Strategies for Website Optimization – Notes from Jose Uzcategui’s Presentation June 15, 2010

Sixty-five eager learners joined Jose Uzcategui tonight to learn about stronger link building strategies at the Vancouver Search Engine Marketing Meetup. Tonight’s presenter was none less than the Organizer himself, Jose Uzcategui from

Feeling pressed for time, Jose quickly scanned the obvious and later offered the crowd a new twist on link building.

To recap the main points:

Links are like Votes

Where the links come from, who wrote them, how they are written, what size they are, where they are on the page, and how they relate to other material linking to it can be compared to votes being cast for the authority of this site.  Google tallies the votes to help determine the rank of the site.

There are various kinds of links which capture various strength of votes.

  • Non-reciprocal links – usually considered the top vote
  • Reciprocal –
  • Exchange Link Programs
  • Link Rings – cirucular “tag” for linking
  • Link Farms- don’t buy that “bull”!
  • Paid Links – where you pay someone to have your link posted on their site.
  • No Follow –meaning they are not actually buying you link juice but may well still drive traffic.

Flat Sites

Jose quickly mentioned the need to keep your site flat rather than digging deep with internal linking.  If you get too complicated, you internally link with too many pages through other pages on your site, the whole process gets convoluted and in short terms: you lose.  I welcome Jose’s comments of clarification.

Anchor Text

You will do much better with BEST HOT DOG STAND and having those words link to your site than you will with see Bob’s Hot Dog Stand here- and have” here” be the word that is linked.

Jose recommended some tools that I too use in my work and can verify their usefulness.

SEO Backlink Tools (add the .com to any of them and you will be good to go)

  • Webceo
  • Link Diagnosis
  • Authority Labs
  • Majestic
  • Google – use their syntax tools to help you find Meetup groups for instance with your key word in them.

For instance – intitle: hotdogs

Link Request Letter

Jose couldn’t help but show off just a bit, since most of the time he appears so humble.

If you search “sample link request letter,” on Google you will find a sample that was written one year ago today by none other than Mr. U himself.

Here is an anchor text lesson: Which anchor text will be most helpful to Jose?  Jose’s letter or Best Sample Link Letter On Google?

Yahoo Pipes

The moment we have all been waiting for.  Jose revealed a strategy he is using for clients that involves what is called Yahoo Pipes.  This writer is confused frankly, and is hoping that with some goading, Jose will come here and make a few comments and clear things up a bit. In fact, I would be happy to do an interview with him on this topic.  But for now,

Here is the best I got:

If you would like to use the question and answer feature let’s say on Linkin to answer questions for others (which just happen to be collecting links for you), you can use the pipes to follow “feeds” and search for terms.  You could do the same on Craig’s List.

Here is a link to the Yahoo Video that describes how to use the Pipes

Here is a link to Jose’s site where he will no doubt say much more about it : SEO EXPERT

Finally here is a video taken on the spur of  the moment of Harmony Thiessen (that would most likely be me) as she describes SEO Small Business to the BYZHUB community.

SEO Services Vancouver

Here is a photo slide show of the event posted by Vancouver Photographer Jeremy Lim

Thanks to all who were there and participated in the event. Feel free to comment, ask Jose questions, etc.

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2 Comments → “Jose Uzcategui Reveals Yahoo Pipes as Secret Link Sauce”

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  2. Jose Uzcategui

    5 years ago

    Great post Harmony. I was glad to hear most people took something away from the presentation.

    A tool that I mentioned too quickly is the Yahoo! site explorer. It is pretty good when it comes to finding backlinks.

    Also, today I published a quick tutorial on Yahoo! Pipes on Snaptech’s Blog (

    See you at the next meetup!



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